SPACER is a multidisciplinary art studio for sustainable creative practice. Our team explores the purpose and value of creative practice through research, making, innovation and education.

The work we produce exploits traditional and developing technologies, currently pushing art’s relationship with science, business, craft, education and research.

Furthermore, we create artworks as individual artists, as a collective and for other creative practitioners.


Moving on from Meltdowns

Since we begun in 2004, we have been a hub of activity and achievements. In 2014, as we continued to get busier, we realised that it was, perhaps, time to reflect and take stock with what we were actually doing. We wanted to ensure that we grew into a new and more honest version of ourselves in a strategic way, rather than being reactive to what arrived at our studio doors.

Meltdowns was conceived by artists Stephen Melton and Sarah Craske, who wanted to create a small community of artists through the provision of workshop space and casting facilities. It was called ‘Meltdowns’, as that was Stephen’s nickname when running the foundry department at, what was at the time, Kent Institute of Art and Design. We took the name with us, which has served us well for many years.

Since then we have created and cast 1000’s of artworks for artists across the UK and beyond. Whilst doing this, we were also adapting to technological and material innovation.
We naturally grew from bronze casting, to cast in other materials and then eventually to create artworks using, and sometimes combining, many methodologies, materials and expertise.

By 2014 we had grown from just the 2 of us to 6 members of full-time staff (and an ever-increasing list of part-time freelance staff), at which point we then received a grant from our local authority.

The SUCCESS grant greatly enabled us to develop the company towards an ecologically sustainable future. It also allowed us to focus on art, science, technology and innovation, which included adapting to 3D digital technologies.
It also included a feasibility study on expansion, an extensive staff training program, an extra team member and a business overhaul, which has ultimately led to the birth of SPACER.

This is SPACER

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been reflecting on the great potential and opportunities that multidisciplinary activity can bring. We had acknowledged that the world is starting to accept that collaborative thinking and communication is becoming more of a demand than a practice. We have developed and are now implementing our new ‘business model’. It reflects what’s important to us as artists (and as an artistic community), whilst working alongside (and for) other artists, designers, universities, scientists et al.

We will continue to enjoy casting work for many and providing studio space, but we will also demonstrate the extent of our artistic practice through the many other activities that also happen in our studios. Soon, we will be launching our education and residency program, opening our workshop up for others to use, and will continue working on our expansion plans.

Every week we will now be uploading more content here, our new website, so do please continue to get in contact for fine art fabrication and casting expertise. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy the further opportunities that we will be offering very shortly.