Oh What Will Be Made of The Mess We Have Made
Life-cast, bronze, by Charming Baker
Microbial Michael
World First Life-cast into Agar by Mellissa Fisher
Displaced Ecologies
Life-cast into Bronze, by Stephen Melton
Bronze, by Hew Locke
The Metamorphoses Chapter
Mixed Media Installation, by Sarah Craske
Aviatrix Amy Johnson in Bronze, sculpted for Herne Bay and Hull, by Stephen Melton
Amy Johnson
Bronze, by SPACER
Triumph In the Face of Absurdity
Aluminium, by Charming Baker
In Loving Memory
Hand Carved Wood, by Stephen Melton
The Jurors
Bronze, by Hew Locke
Bronze, by Charming Baker
England's Green and Pleasant Land
Bronze, by Stephen Melton
9 plaques, Bronze, by DAD and Charles Holland Architects