We hope you are all keeping well in these unusual times.


As of 25th March, SPACER’s studios have temporarily closed for the following reasons:

_Essential studio PPE has run out and now scarce due to its demand across the globe – sourcing the correct PPE to protect our staff during our normal day to day activities, is getting increasingly difficult. Understandably, if PPE suppliers are replenished, there are now restrictions on purchase numbers. This is changing daily, impacting on our workflow and production capabilities. 

Currently we are unable to purchase any more appropriate masks for our activity; we are monitoring supplies daily.

_Supply chains – we are already experiencing shortages and lack of capacity in our supply chains and equally, deliveries are being affected.

Currently many of our suppliers have now closed in line with the period of current ‘lockdown’.

_Implementing government guidelines and advice – We support the measures in place to reduce the rate of infection – however, this has a direct effect on staff availability if self-isolation and quarantine measures have to be imposed. We have implemented procedures to protect all vulnerable staff members.

Because of the above, we are liaising very closely with our existing clients, managing expectations around realistic completion and delivery times within these extraordinary times.

For all new enquiries, we ask that you have realistic expectations around completion dates and delivery times, acknowledging that it is impossible to be accurate forecasting these when events are changing so rapidly.

If at any stage, we cannot get PPE, or materials, or we are closed by the government, this will have a direct impact on the delivery date.

We will endeavour to keep you updated on a weekly basis.


In the interim, Sarah is working from home. If you do have any enquiries, please do email her on sarah@wearespacer.co.uk .


As a creative community, we are still in discussion about what our response should be, however we have identified a resistance to the temptation of immediate digital content generation.

We are taking this time to pause and reflect on the bigger opportunity this existential crises may present, and how this relates to our current research into living during this time of climate breakdown, and how as an organisation we develop our model in response to this.


When we are able to return to the studio,  we anticipate this will be still within a Covid-19 context. Therefore, our studio opening hours will be from 10 am until 3 pm. We have applied these reduced studio working hours in line with current government recommendations (https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus  and https://www.acas.org.uk/coronavirus).

Of course, much of our practical work has to be conducted on-site, however, we will move to more flexible ways of working. These include but are not limited to changing start and finish times at the studio itself, so that those staff undertaking practical work, can avoid busier commuting times; transitioning non-practical activity to remote working, allowing staff to work from home wherever possible; limiting face-to-face events and meetings, and rearranging to remote calling where possible.

Furthermore, given we are yet to see the peak of the virus, we want to afford the opportunity for SPACER to get some rest and essentially, look after ourselves. We are also prioritising the development of responsive strategies that protect SPACER over the next few months, to ensure that jobs are secure long-term. We will be applying for the various financial support packages the government has currently put in place – and we will be passing these directly to the employees and studio holders. 

We are updating our COVID-19 risk assessment as and when new data arrives and will report any significant findings if needed. Thus far we have implemented all government recommendations including the following:

_We have increased our levels of hygiene within the studio environment through increased regular cleaning and spraying of communal surfaces with ethanol. 

_As we work, we are implementing ‘social-distancing’ across the studios. Each artist is afforded a clear area to work that is in a separate space to others, at the recommended distance. 

_During break periods, we are practising social distancing, which means in our case, enforcing a larger physical gap than usual between ourselves, in line with government recommendations.

Thank you, as always, for your continued patience and support during this time. We look forward to resuming our normal practice soon, but most of all we hope you’re all safe and well.

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