Ludovisi Ares (Torso)


Ludovisi Ares (Torso)

Available in Cast Marble.

Dimensions: H64 x W52 x D33cm
Approximate weight of piece 20kgs

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Ludovisi Ares

“The Ludovisi Ares is an Antonine Roman marble sculpture of Mars, a fine 2nd-century copy of a late 4th-century BCE Greek original… thus the Roman god of war receives his Greek name, Ares.

Ares/Mars is portrayed as young and beardless and seated on a trophy of arms, while an Eros plays about his feet, drawing attention to the fact that the god of war, in a moment of repose, is presented as a love object. The 18th-century art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann, a man with a practiced eye for male beauty, found the Ludovisi Ares the most beautiful Mars that had been preserved from antiquity.

Rediscovered in 1622, the sculpture was apparently originally part of the temple of Mars (founded in 132 BCE in the southern part of the Campus Martius), of which few traces remain.” – Wikipedia


We offer a replica cast of the original, believed to be exhibited in the Palazzo Altemps.


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