The world has seen great change over the last few months. First with the worldwide effects of COVID-19, then with the global response to the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement, to the huge shift in demand for climate talks as the need for sustainable living and producing continues to grow ever more apparent.

Expansive and existential thinking has also risen during this time, challenging many societal, corporate and even personal, mental frameworks in which we live; subsequently increasing the numbers in mental health cases.

Recently, SPACER chose to take a step back and resist the urge to become a digital outlet trying to be heard within the already crowded digital space. We took this time to listen to as much as we could from everything that has affected the world since the start of this year. We revisited what we believe to be important to us as an interdisciplinary arts organisation, and as artists and creative thinkers ourselves. We also observed the journey of you, our audience, by seeing what you were sharing via your social channels during this time.

The main thing we learned is that there is still so much to learn; about ourselves, about each other and about everything around us, and the learning will never stop where change exists. 

The second thing we learned is that communication is key, and those who actually need a platform to be heard – from scientists to activists – don’t necessarily have the means to be able to achieve this.

SPACER is developing a way in which we can be the answer to both these needs, where we have the means to do so.

We are looking into the viability of becoming a research institute, so that we can contribute to the larger conversation responding to emergent problems, such as climate breakdown, and to gain a better understanding of sustainable development. 

We will be launching a studio programme specifically for artists and creative thinkers whose practices contribute to the movement for change, where change needs to happen.

We intend for this activity to support our day-to-day working, and our findings will contribute to the creation of our sustainable studio, with a wellbeing focused working environment, delivering our fabrication services using environmentally friendly materials.

We will of course keep you updated and highlight these initiatives when we release them, to show that we are maintaining our commitment and drive to be the change we wish to see – we already have lots to share for this year!

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