SPACER is an interdisciplinary art studio. We define ‘interdisciplinarity’ as people from different disciplines and walks of life collaborating and working towards a goal that unites them and in our case, that is making ‘art’.

We define art as a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artefacts that express a conceptual idea and are intended to be appreciated for their emotional power.[1]

Our team explores the purpose and value of sustainable creative practice through researching, experimenting, making and learning.

We demonstrate that sustainability and creative practice are essential, as we face big local and national social challenges that are both political and environmental.

We believe that creative practice is at the heart of risk-taking which can lead to innovation. Innovation develops novel processes, which in turn can lead to solutions and new markets.

Drawing upon skills and expertise from across our diverse community, we create artworks as individual artists, as a collective and for other practitioners.

[1]We have accepted the OED definition.


The work we make exploits traditional and developing technologies, challenging art’s relationship with science, business, craft, education and research. We work for and with scientists, business, artists, craftsmen, educators, researchers and these have included fashion designers, architects, museums, universities, the film and tv industries, retail and beyond.

Our work supports the exchange of knowledge between artists and other communities to understand and value the diversity of our worlds.

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